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We at DALAAZ Companies have only one big goal, and that is to increase your quality of life with positive energy. A good quality of life is the key to being happy, successful and satisfied!

Through years of study, research and efforts, we have accumulated and practiced extensive knowledge in any field. Now that we have enough knowledge, we would like to share it so that you can also benefit from it in your life in the long run! Our concept is a way of living, our own philosophy to bring order into your life!

Did you know what all successful people have in common? They all follow a structured daily routine! But not everyone manages to organize themselves so well.
To do this, you first have to reflect on yourself to see which particular habits you might need to change.
This is because people often get stuck because they unconsciously block themselves with negative emotions, such as fear or stress. As a result, over time, an imbalance develops in various areas of our lives.

It is about intangible factors such as your health, education and social status. The tangible factors, on the other hand, define, for example, your profession, increased financial opportunities and wealth.
Of course, everyone’s definition of what quality of life means to them and what constitutes it is different.
Our goal is to help you find a balance between these areas. We would like to motivate you to a new lifestyle, so that you can realize yourself authentically!

To achieve this, we support you in the following topics:

Extensive Modern & Organized IT-Solutions

Technology plays an important role in today’s society!
The influence of technology reaches so far that even schools have integrated a separate subject for the proper use of computers.
It is a skill that is now as much a part of general education as calculating, reading and writing.From this you can see how enormous the impact of modern technology is on our lives. Under its influence, we have become more flexible and mobile today. It relieves us, for example, through home automation, in which routine processes are automated. This can save your valuable time and precious energy in the long run.

The use of devices such as smartphones or computers are indispensable nowadays!
As a result, the job market has naturally evolved in many ways. After all, the computer is now one of the most important work tools of all!
But as many advantages that modern technology brings, there are also disadvantages. For as much as they make our everyday lives easier, you can certainly imagine what a disaster an IT failure would be in a large company. In addition, there are also many dangers lurking on the Internet, such as potentially harmful web content that infects your devices unnoticed through viruses. Imagine losing your private, valuable and priceless data as a result, which you can never replace!

For this reason alone, it is important to be technically up-to-date. We offer you the possibility to have a fast, reliable and secure IT infrastructure. This means you can continue to store all your data, from family photos to important documents, without worry. From a professional point of view, an optimally set up IT infrastructure is a crucial success factor.
Because it allows you to be organized and confident.

Graphics, video editing & web design

Your appearance is the first image of you or your company. People unconsciously judge in the first few seconds whether they find something or someone trustworthy. Therefore, it is the first impression and the associated presentation that really matters. After all, an unfavorable presentation may cause you to miss out on potential opportunities! And so you don’t achieve the success you want.

To increase your recognition value and attract attention, we create a serious and authentic corporate design for you. It is the visual appearance of your company and consists of elements such as logo, business cards, colors and business papers.
Most people nowadays inform themselves about products and services on the Internet, so it is a clear advantage for small and large businesses to have an online presence.
We will be happy to advise you in this regard and create an effective web design with clear structures to ensure user-friendly operation.

We also offer photo shoots, including image editing using Adobe programs, whether image and sound (video editing) or graphic and communication design.
In this way, we skillfully put your person in the limelight and get the best effect out of the photos and videos to highlight your appearance in the best possible way.

Fitness & nutrition

Once you are satisfied with yourself and your appearance, your whole charisma changes. It is no secret that our health is probably the most important aspect to increase our quality of life. But in our modern and performance-oriented society we have forgotten to listen to the inner voice of our body! This behavior can have serious consequences.

To give you an example, the combination of an unbalanced diet, too little exercise and harmful stimulants will deteriorate your health in the long run. There is a risk of falling ill sooner or later as a result. The body no longer manages to regenerate and break down the harmful substances. When this happens, it is no longer possible to fulfill your professional and family obligations with the performance you desire. This creates insecurity and the feeling of being overwhelmed, as you feel pressured. Due to the onset of negative attitudes, there is a risk that mental illnesses will gradually develop, such as depression or burn outs. If it gets that far, it could put a lot of stress on your environment. It could even come so far that you no longer have the desire or strength to maintain your social contacts.

To avoid this, we have made it our business to motivate you to a healthy lifestyle!
We will analyze your eating habits and create a diet plan for you that will regenerate your body so that you can benefit from it in the long run.
A change in diet is an extremely sensible investment in your own and future well-being.
Not only diet, but also exercise & sports are essential factors to maintain good health.
Whether you want to lose weight or transform yourself completely, if the will is there, you can achieve anything.

We will create an optimally adapted training plan for you. Thus, you can fulfill your desire of an aesthetic body in which you feel good. The feelings you will experience by achieving your goals will positively influence your entire aura and the people around you will start to perceive you differently.


What else gives you a strong personality and an unmistakable aura everywhere is dancing. This is also the secret of happiness and the enjoyment of music.
Dancing is all the rage right now and it is one of the latest popular sports that is suitable for all people regardless of age. This wonderful hobby allows you to develop diverse social relationships, lets you enter an exciting world full of new opportunities and do not forget that this wonderful sport strengthens your heart and preserves your youth.

The team of DALAAZDANCE will make your presence special on any occasion by dancing dance sports to shine on any personal occasion such as a wedding celebration and a celebration of the magic of those present and those present with dances such as bachata or a wonderful salsa.
Regardless of your age, your body shape and your state of health, we will coordinate the right diet and exercise program for you that corresponds to your body type and state of health in order to achieve the best possible and coordinated results.
As for the dance enthusiasts, you will look your best in any occasion, like a wedding or a birthday party.

Translate languages

Another positive enrichment in your life are languages!
Because language is the key to exchange, development and our social life. It connects countries, cultures and people. It enables us to perceive the world differently and to gain deeper insights into the respective cultures. Acquired foreign language skills are of course also an advantage for your professional future, as they enable you to communicate with international business partners. We offer language courses for you to learn yourself or interpreters to translate your important matters for you.



Positive energy increases satisfaction, creativity and therefore your productivity.
There are many ways to recharge yourself energetically, one of which is the popular leisure activity of aquaristics.
Just looking at the fish has a calming effect on your body and mind.
It is a fascinating and versatile hobby that allows you to integrate a piece of nature and even your own little living world into your environment.
With the versatility of fish species, patterns and colors, you are guaranteed not to get bored!

We offer two unique aquariums designed by ourselves. Even if you have your own aquariums, we will be happy to advise and take care of setting up your aqua systems. Thereby we create an optimal habitat for your fish, so that you feel comfortable.
In addition, we are happy to advise you on outdoor lighting, fish species, design, husbandry and care.
If you do not have enough time for this, our staff will gladly take over the cleaning, care and monitoring of the water values of your aquariums. They come monthly or weekly this depends on the dates set with you and the type of aquariums.


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