My Mission is:
„to inspire and empower people to be their best, achieve more and make the most of their lives.”


DALAAZ Companies unite several companies from different spheres that are united by one mission, the same values and the personality of its founder.

It manifested in multiple businesses that are based on two core values: Passion and Creativity. As humans, we are inherently creative beings. And there is the fire of passion in everyone of us. Passion is intense emotion that motivates for action, adds more meaning, purpose, energy, and happiness. Creativity relates to the ability to create, innovate, find new possibilities, be more flexible and lively. Nowadays, living and working in complex, stressfull and unpredictable times, we often loose our passion and connection with creativeness. But bringing passion and creativity in what you do and how you live your life can make significant positive changes!

DALAAZ Companies are based and driven by passion, use creative approach and contribute to different aspects of life, integrating various resources and building synergy.
With passion to innovations, at Techniatec Company we provide cutting-edge IT solutions and services, help to integrate innovative digital technologies into business processes, work and everyday life.

Creativity is fundamental for DALAAZ GRAPHIC Company, as it is closely connected to imagination, and everything you can imagine – we can transform into realty and make visible, using our graphic and web design skills and knowledge.

At DALAAZTHETIC Company we share our passion for sports, balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that good physical health is central to human happiness, well-being, productivity, and high quality of life.

DALAAZ DANCE is a dance company and community of passionate dancers who enjoy dancing and sharing knowledge together, inspiring and motivating each other, developing their skills and talents. Dancing ia an art and activity that makes you healthier and happier, gives opportunities to meet new people, build confidence and express yourself through movement.

DALAAZGUAGES Company supports passion and curiosity for learning different languages, that creates flexibility in thinking and communicating with other people, understanding of other cultures and traditions, boosts creativity and brain activity.

DALAAZQUARISTIC Company can boost and support your creativity and by unique aquariums with plants and fishes that help to reduce stress, improve physical and mental well-being, uplift your mood and even increase productivity at work.

At DALAAZ Shop fashion ia not just about cloth, but is the way to express different passions and be yourself. It´s about liestyle based on modern technologies, that allow to produce high quality products, conbined with creative graphic designs, and resulted in fashion collections especially created for everyday active life, for sport, street and classic.

Let passion and creativity drive all the aspects of your life!

Passion Fuels Creativity